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The Importance of Sight Tests With Dave Myers

15 November 2023

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness but it doesn’t have to be. In this podcast LOCSU CEO Janice Foster and Clinical Director Zoe Richmond speak to one half of ‘The Hairy Bikers’ Dave Myers about the importance of regular sight tests.

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New Board Members

1 November 2023

In this podcast LOCSU Chair Dr Joy Tweed introduces us to the new clinical Board Directors. Jagdeep Singh; Roma Malik; Millie Fellows; and Sofia Fazal  joined after a recruitment campaign held earlier this year.

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Low Vision

21 July 2023

In this LOCSU podcast we focus on Low Vision and the role of primary eyecare in meeting patient need locally and collaboratively, working within multidisciplinary teams. Our Clinical Director Zoe Richmond is joined by two portfolio career Optometrists, experts in this field, Dr Louise Gow and Ms Rukaiya Anwar.

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LOC Succession Planning

30 June 2023

We promised you we would catch up with Lyndon Taylor who recently retired from optometry after over four decades and from Cheshire LOC having served the LOC for around 30 years. Digital Learning Support Officer Simone Mason chats to Lyndon and also to fellow optometrist and newer member of Cheshire LOC Fionnuala Kidd with a special episode on succession planning for LOCs. Simone unpicks the importance of succession planning, so you’ll gain some key suggestions to inform your own LOC’s future succession plan.

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World Glaucoma Week

20 March 2023

For World Glaucoma Week, LOCSU’s Clinical Director, Zoe Richmond talks about Glaucoma. In this brief podcast Zoe urges the public to actively seek a sight test, advising that the routine sight test is the best way to detect glaucoma early. There is no cure for glaucoma, but a diagnosis of glaucoma does not need to mean sight is lost. Within a routine sight test, the optometrist will perform the necessary glaucoma checks.

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