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LOC Meetings

Regular LOC meetings (at least three per year) must be held and officers have a duty to attend meetings where they are reasonably able to do so. Notice of at least seven days must be given in writing.

LOC meeting agendas should include a declaration of conflicts of interest. They should also include a financial report, complaints/ risk register, clinical governance report and a report on each service.

The wider membership can be invited to attend LOC meetings and if needed the LOC can hold a closed session.

During the COVID-19 pandemic LOCs have moved meetings to remote platforms in order to maintain support to the local sector. LOCs should be familiar with these platforms and seek support where required.

Declarations of Interest

As the body representing local contractors and performers providing general ophthalmic services and negotiating with the NHS on extended primary eyecare services, LOC members must complete a Declaration of Interest form (the LOC Declaration of Conflicts of Interest form can be used, adapting as necessary). They must state any interest or position that they and/or a family member hold in any other organisation participating in NHS commissioning processes in the field of eye health care, or other specialism in the health and social care sector.

Further information can be found in the LOC Conflicts of Interest – Guidance for LOCs document.

Annual General Meeting

AGMs are an opportunity for LOC officers to update contractors and performers on the activities of the LOC and of plans for the future. AGMs should be arranged within three months of the end of the LOCs financial year and as with regular meetings, AGMs can be held remotely if necessary.

Guidance on holding LOC AGMs

Election of Committee Members

It is best practice, to have an annual rotation of elected members and so it is recommended that at each AGM, a third of the committee members stand down. This keeps two-thirds of the committee which allows for continuity and succession planning. There is nothing to prevent them from standing again, but they would need to be re-elected.

The LOCSU Optical Lead often attends LOC AGMs, at their request and provides a national and regional update as well as any other support that the LOC needs.

LOCSU has developed a guide to AGMs which covers agenda items to include and election of committee members. Further information can be found on the LOCSU website.

Whilst not part of the formal proceedings, it is also an opportunity to have a guest speaker (with possible CET points attached) and the more attractive the agenda and speaker topic, the greater the opportunity to attract a good attendance.