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Quality in Optometry

Quality in Optometry (QiO) is a support system used by contractors to demonstrate contract compliance with GOS and NHS Standard Contract contracts. It breaks contracts down into their component parts in order to assist good governance by contractors, while assuaging NHS England and Primary Eyecare Companies that the contractor is compliant. LOCSU funds and manages QiO on behalf of the sector.

QiO has undergone a number of revisions over the years to meet the evolving policy and governance requirements of contractual processes. Users can download the correct policy for particular checklist questions and then customise it for local use. It is now possible for GOS contractors to store their checklists within the system so that NHS England can access these directly. It is now also possible for contractors to complete the NHS Digital Data Security and Protection Toolkit: either the full optical toolkit, or the 15 critical items required for NHS mail accounts. As part of its remit to manage QiO, LOCSU has added an additional section to QiO’s Infection Control Audit on COVID-19 infection control measures.

Subcontractors completing NHS Standard Contract checklists can submit their checklists to the PEC’s Clinical Governance and Performance Lead in the same way.