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Naevus Pathway

The Naevus pathway follows the usual pathway principles for referral filtering and monitoring in primary care; delivering an end-to-end service pathway, integrated with the hospital eye service, to support the early identification of choroidal melanoma and provide naevus monitoring, where required.

The pathway aims to improve the efficiency and accuracy of case-finding of choroidal melanoma, and so improve the speed at which people are diagnosed and treated within the hospital eye service. The pathway provides a convenient out of hospital / virtual alternative for patients for both initial assessment and monitoring.

The pathway is underpinned by the MOLES scoring system, developed by Prof. Bertil Damato, consultant ocular oncologist to help practitioners differentiate choroidal melanomas from naevi, estimate the risk of malignancy and to manage patients accordingly.

Documentation is Available to Download

Naevus Pathway Diagram Nov 2022

Naevus Pathway Guideline Nov 2022

Moles Score Chart

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