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Strategy Summary: Placing LOCs Front and Centre

2 May 2023

LOCSU Strategy Summary


Placing LOCs front and centre – this is the mantra within LOCSU as we launch our strategy summary.

There has been much engagement with LOCs throughout the past 3 years, however, some LOCSU activity was paused, quite rightly, as attention shifted to assisting LOCs through the immediate challenges the pandemic presented.

Janice Foster, Chief Executive Officer, LOCSU said:

“The new strategy sees LOCSU back with a bang as we refocus our energy as the support unit to England LOCs; prioritising LOC needs and making their lives easier.

“Recognising the challenges faced within the wider NHS and the important role the whole primary eyecare workforce can play, LOCSU will ensure we support LOCs in their vital work of increasing opportunities to secure the growth and success of primary eyecare delivery to improve outcomes for patients across the country.”

The LOCSU strategy is a strong pledge to LOCs and the primary eyecare sector.

In the coming weeks, LOCSU will publish our ambitious business and communications plans that provide greater detail around the strategy; the Forward Plans will ensure we remain on target to achieve our aims, whilst ensuring we remain agile to respond to LOC feedback and needs in this fast-moving sector.

LOCSU look forward to an exciting year ahead, together we will shape and develop services across England to make a difference for patients and providers alike.

You can read the LOCSU Strategy Summary here >

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