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The LOC levy is agreed annually at the AGM and is made up of the LOC levy and the LOCSU levy. Some LOCs also agree at the LOC AGM that the treasurer can adjust the levy during the year within a set range.

The LOC levy is paid by PCSE and is currently paid via two methods.

  • LOC Levy from paper claims – these are compiled into a single payment and paid a month in arrears, i.e. payment made in July for activity in June. A statement is emailed to the LOC treasurer
  • LOC Levy from E-GOS – this may arrive in multiple payments and the LOC Treasurer can login to the PCSE portal to download statements


The LOCSU levy is set at 0.5% of the GOS sight test fees payable to local contractors (GOS1, GOS5 and GOS 6 fees). The easiest way to pay is direct to LOCSU by PCSE and means that the LOCSU levy is deducted at source.